The AdminContext provides the context needed by the admin editing interface.

It has the following interface:

interface IAdminContext {
isAdmin: boolean
currentPage: string
setCurrentPage: (page: string) => void
previewMode: boolean
setPreviewMode: (previewMode: boolean) => void
sidebarCollapsed: boolean
setSidebarCollapsed: (sidebarCollapsed: boolean) => void
getStyles: () => NodeListOf<HTMLStyleElement> | []
getStylesheets: () => NodeListOf<HTMLLinkElement> | []

The <Admin> component wraps all the children with the AdminContext Provider.

If you need to access this admin status variables in your components, you may use React useContext to access them.

In particular, you may use the isAdmin flag in your bricks (block components) to do conditionally render based on the fact that the brick is in edit mode or view mode.