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Bricks overview

What is a Brick?

A Brick is a content "Lego brick" for React Bricks.
It is a type of content block that you can create and content creator may use to create content on a page. A content block is an instance of a brick.

How is it made?

A Brick is just a React component with two peculiarities:

  1. It should have a schema static property to define it and specify the props edited via the sidebar controls
  2. It may use React Bricks visual edit components (Text, RichText, Image, File, Repeater) to enable visual editing

Show me the code!

Here's an example "Hero unit" brick: nice to meet you! 😊

// Import React Bricks TypeScript types
// and RichText visual edit component
// (other visual edit components are Image and Repeater)
import { types, RichText } from 'react-bricks/frontend'
interface HeroUnitProps {
background: { color: string; className: string }
// This is the React component
const HeroUnit: types.Brick<HeroUnitProps> = ({
background = { color: '#fff', className: 'bg-white' },
}) => {
return (
<div className={`py-12 ${background.className}`}>
{/* RichText component from React Bricks */}
renderBlock={(props: any) => (
<h1 className="text-3xl text-center" {...props.attributes}>
placeholder="Type a title..."
// Brick Schema
HeroUnit.schema = {
name: 'hero-unit',
label: 'Hero Unit',
// Defaults when a new brick is added
getDefaultProps: () => ({
background: { color: '#fff', className: 'bg-white' },
title: 'Thick as a React Brick',
// Sidebar Edit props (just 1 in this minimal example)
// It is possible to group them in collapsible sections
sideEditProps: [
name: 'background',
label: 'Background',
type: types.SideEditPropType.Select,
selectOptions: {
display: types.OptionsDisplay.Color,
options: [
// The color is the unique mandatory property for a "color" select
{ value: { color: '#fff', className: 'bg-white' }, label: 'White' },
value: { color: '#f3f4f6', className: 'bg-gray-100' },
label: 'Gray',
export default HeroUnit