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You can enable or disable the following features:

Autosave (default enabled)

If you enable autosave, users will be able to toggle it, so that they will not forget to save the page. Use the enableAutoSave flag in the Configuration.

Disable saving if invalid content (default disabled)

By default, React Bricks allows the user to save a page even if there are side edit props which are not valid (as for the brick's validate function).
If you want to prevent saving in this case, instead, you can set the disableSaveIfInvalidProps flag in the Configuration.

Enable preview URL

By default React Bricks allows your users to create a "preview URL" that can be sent by email to let others preview the page, even if it is not published, yet, for example to have it approved.
To disable this feature you can set the enablePreview flag in the Configuration accordingly.

Enable preview of bricks as images / icons

Since v3.5.0 you can provide an image URL and an icon component for each brick, so that your editors can select bricks visually when adding a new brick.
By default these features are disabled, as we don't know if you have the preview images / icons.
To enable them you can use the enablePreviewImage and enablePreviewIcon flags in the Configuration and create the previews to set in the bricks' schema.

Enable the Unsplash integration

Since v3.6.0, with the Unsplash integration, editors are able to search and use freely usable images from Unsplash. They can search by keyword, aspect (vertical, horizontal, squarish) and main color.
The feature is enabled by default. You can disable it using the enableUnsplash flag in the Configuration.

Remeber also to set an unsplashApiKey in the configuration. If you don't set an API key, we'll use our proxy APIs to Unsplash with a very small rate limit (10 searches per hour per app), just to let you try the feature.