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React Bricks CLI

The CLI is the fastest way to start with React Bricks.

Launch the CLI

npx create-reactbricks-app@latest

Once you signed up for a free trial, you can launch the CLI, which will guide you step-by-step in the creation of your first React Bricks app.

The steps the CLI will follow are:

  1. Authenticate
  2. Choose an App or create a new one
  3. Enter Project name and folder name
  4. Choose a Starter project
  5. Choose to load some default content (only for starters with Tailwind CSS)

When the CLI has finished

Once the CLI has completed the scaffolding of your project, you'll be prompted to enter the project directory and run it (usually yarn start or yarn dev based on the environment).

When the app starts, we suggest that you explore the Admin Dashboard, going to the /admin path or clicking on the "Edit content" button in the header menu.
If you chose to load some default content, you'll be able to edit the default pages created by the CLI.

Explore the directory structure

Take a minute to explore the folder structure of your project. It is different based on the starter project that you chose.


  • The admin folder where the admin interface lives
  • The react-bricks folder where there is the configuration of React Bricks and, in particular, the react-bricks/bricks folder where you will create your custom content blocks.

First configuration steps

  • The first configuration step could be setting your logo for the Admin header. See Configuration
  • Then you could start creating your first content blocks (bricks). See What is a brick