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React Bricks v3.1

The 3.1 release has 2 big features:

  • External content to get content from an external source, like a headless CMS (see External content)
  • Bundle splitting to have a much smaller bundle on the front-end.

To take advantage of the code splitting on the bundle you need to:

  • Import the React Bricks components (like Text, Image, Repeater) in your bricks and the code outside of the /admin folder from the new package react-bricks/frontend. This is enough if you are using Next.js or Gatbsy.
  • If you are not using Next.js or Gatsby, who automatically leverage the code spitting on the React Bricks bundle on a per-page basis, but create-react-app (which any way is not suggested for SEO reasons), you need to split your front-end and admin in two distinct applications and have your bricks in a (private) npm package so that you can import them in both the apps.