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The cleanPage function prepares the page content retrieved by React Bricks APIs to be used in the PageViewer component.

It removes all the invalid blocks (unknown in the schema or not allowed for this page type).


const cleanPage = (
page: types.Page,
pageTypes: types.IPageType[],
bricks: types.Bricks
): types.Page
pageThe page object, of type Page.
pageTypesThe pageType schema, of type IPageType[], as defined here.
bricksThe block's schema, of type IBlockType[], as defined here.

Return value

cleanPage returns an object of type Page, with the clean content and the invalidBlocksTypes array containing the name of each invalid block that was removed.

Usage example

fetchPage('about-us', 'API_KEY').then((data) => {
const myPage = cleanPage(data, pageTypes, bricks)