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What is React Bricks?

  1. A React framework to build a "Wix-like" CMS with visual editing
  2. A SAAS backend where the content is stored

Why we created React Bricks?

We think that Headless CMSs are great for developers, but not for content creators.

Content creators don't want to do data entry on gray forms, but edit content as they do on Word or Pages, where they can see immediately how the content will be seen by their audience.

How does it work?

  • Content blocks are custom React components with a schema.
  • React Bricks special visual edit components (Text, RichText, Image, File, Repeater) allow visual (WYSIWYG) editing.
  • Through the schema you define the Sidebar controls the editor will use to change the component props.

Why choose React Bricks

With React Bricks you work with the technology you love, with a modern and unique approach:

  • Visual editing: the content you see in the Admin interface is the same published on your website.
  • Framework independent: you may use Next.js, Gatsby or Remix.
  • Styling independent: you may use any CSS framwork you like.
  • Hosting independent: host the resulting static site where you like.
  • Optimized images: cross-platform image optimization and hosting on a fast global CDN

Start easily

  • Use our CLI to setup a project
  • Starer projects get you be up and running in no time
  • Admin interface: Every starter project has a /admin folder with the admin interface, built with React Bricks exported admin components
  • Deploy wherever you like, set up a build hook for static site rebuild
  • React Bricks UI is a Free set of beautiful pre-made blocks, responsive and dark-mode compatible, created by us with Tailwind.