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Intro to Visual editing

In your Brick components you can use React Bricks' Visual editing components to allow direct edit of text and images over the content, leveraging the unique editing experience of React Bricks.
You can also have repeating patterns for galleries, features or allow the user to upload a downloadable catalog.

The visual editing components are:

  • Text: for editable plain text (single or multiline)
  • RichText: for editable rich text (single or multiline). You can choose which rich text features you want to allow (for example bold, italic, link, highlight, quote, code, heading1..6, ordered list, unordered list)
  • Image: for images. Upload and crop with a click. Images are optimized on the React Bricks servers (placeholder for lazy loading, responsive images, webp format with fallback) and served from a global CDN.
  • Repeater: to repeat multiple items, like images in a gallery. You can infinitely nest bricks inside of bricks and have multiple item types per repeater.
  • File: for downloadable documents. Let your editors upload a file with the allowed extensions and provide a render function to present it on the front-end for the download by the site users. Files are served from a global CDN.
  • RichTextExt: extensible RichText for advanced use cases, where the creation of custom rich text plugins is needed. CDN.

For usage with Next /App Router, please read the React Server Components Guide.