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Environments are like Content branches. They are different repositories of content to keep the content of different environments separated. They are available only on Enterprise plans, as an add-on.


Some use cases for Environments are:

  • Working on the v2 of the website, while continuing to push on v1. Once you are ready you can push the content of the v2 environment to v1.
  • Having a content branch used by developers, so that they can develop and do "experiments" without breaking the production content. You can also sync back the content with the production one.
  • Keeping a backup of an older version of the website content that could be useful in the future (for example, create a new branch for the Black Friday, and then go back easilty to the "normal" content).

Creation of a new environment

  • When you create a new environment, the content and all the configuration is copied from the "main" environment.
  • You can then change both the content and other properties of the new environment (for example, remove users or invite new users for this environment).

Sync and Push

  • With the "sync" operation, you sync an environment with the main environment (the content of the main environment will override the content of the branch)
  • With the "push" operation, you push the content of an environment to the main environment (the content of the main environment will be overridden).