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Since v3.4.0 we included the Collaboration feature on all the plans starting from the "Pro" one. The collaboration feature is a combination of real-time presence and page lock.

Real-time presence

  • In the header you can always see the avatars of the users who are currently logged into the app.
  • On each page, you can see the users currently viewing the page. The one with the pink border has locked the page (they are the first that started editing the page, so they acquired the lock).

Page lock

  • The first user who start editing a page will get the lock on that page. This means other users won't be able to edit the page, until it will get unlocked.
  • When the user who locked the page saves the content or leaves the page without saving, the page is unlocked, so that other editors can edit the same page.
  • If you need to save a urgent change to a locked page, you can click on the "Force unlock" button of the right sidebar to acquire the lock and get the control of the page. The unsaved changes by the user who had the lock will get lost, so use this feature only when strictly necessary.