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The Admin component should wrap all the components used in the Admin Dashboard, which are:

It manages authentication and renders the Admin menu. It acts also as a Provider for the AdminContext, making it available to the wrapped components.


interface AdminProps {
isLogin?: boolean
isPublicDesignSystem?: boolean
designSystemTitle?: string

Properties definition

isLoginDefault false. It is boolean value to identify the Login page. It is needed to correctly manage the authentication process.
isPublicDesignSystemIf true, the playground is accessible without authentication, in order to use it as a public design system documentation.
designSystemTitleTitle to show in the playground page, if it is a public design system page.

Usage example, editor page

import React from 'react'
import { Admin, Editor } from 'react-bricks'

const EditorPage = () => {
return (
<Editor />

export default EditorPage

Usage example, login page

import React from 'react'
import { Admin, Login } from 'react-bricks'

const LoginPage = () => {
return (
<Admin isLogin>
<Login />

export default LoginPage