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The File component allows the content creators to upload files. This is useful when you need to have documents in your page that users can download. You can decide which file extensions are allowed.

On the frontend you provide a render function to render the file on the page (the argument is a file object with file name, url and file size).

On the Admin interface content creators can upload a file clicking on the component. It's also possible to change the file, remove it and provide a friendly name.


Here's the TypeScript interface for the props of the File component:

interface FileProps {
propName: string
renderBlock: (props: types.IFileSource) => JSX.Element
allowedExtensions?: string[]

interface IFileSource {
name: string // file name
url: string
size: number // in bytes

Properties definition

propNameThe prop of the Brick component corresponding to this file.
renderBlockThe render function to render the document on the page. Its argument is an object with name (file name), url, size (file size in bytes)
allowedExtensionsArray of strings representing the allowed extensions

Usage example

renderBlock={({ name, url, size }) => (
<a href={url}>
{name}, {size / 1000}KB