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React Bricks v2

In January 2021, after almost a year since the first release, we are proud to release React Bricks v2.
There are many new features, improvements and some small breaking change.

Here's a short list of things that changed:

  • A React Brick now is a React component with a schema prop (not an object)
  • New Repeater component to have multiple nested blocks inside a block
  • Support for compound components
  • Dark mode support to test content in dark mode
  • Collapsible Groups for Side edit props
  • Big UX improvements (more space for content, responsive preview, page/block/item tabs, collapsible groups)
  • ALT Tag for Images inside the upload menu
  • Better colors management
  • Author on page
  • Featured Image on Page for Open graph tags
  • New Site and Blog starters with great Tailwind bricks created for you
  • Code preview in Playground
  • Update of all dependencies, code refactoring
  • New hooks to create your visual editing components or access page meta values

If you need to migrate from v1 to v2, please read the Upgrade guide