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React Bricks v3

In October 2021 we released React Bricks v3, with many improvements, new features and almost no breaking changes.

New Features

  • Compatibility with Gatsby: now React Bricks is fully compatible with Gatsby (you can find 2 starters for Gatsby)
  • Stories: you can now save brick configurations (sets of props), so that you (or your editors) can reuse them
  • Images crop and fixed aspect ratio: upon upload it is possible to crop an image. You can set a fixed aspect ratio on the Image component, so that the crop will be limited to that aspect ratio.
  • Bricks organization: you can now assign a category to each brick and an array of tags. Bricks are organized by category and searchable by name or tag. You can also add a link to external documentation for each Brick, which is shown in the Playground.
  • Backup and restore: You can now backup the App content and restore it from the React Bricks Dashboard.
  • History: go back in time for each Page and restore the status before any action.
  • Scheduled publishing (Pro only): with a Pro plan, you can schedule the publishing of a page at a date in the future. React Bricks will change the page status from Draft to Published on that date. Based on the "Trigger rebuild upon scheduled publishing" checkbox in the build hooks settings, React Bricks will trigger a rebuild when the page is published, so that the content will be visible at the scheduled date and time with no action needed on your side.
  • Staging Build Hook (Pro only): now you can set a build hook for the Staging environment and give permissions accordingly to your editor users, so that a user may be able to trigger a build in staging but not in production.
  • Events webhook (Enterprise only): if you are on an Enterprise Plan, you can set a webhook that receives all the Pages and Translations events (creation, update, delete).


  • The RichText component now by default supports also Heading H1..H6 and Quote.
  • There is a new RichTextExt component, which is an extensible RichText with a plugins system. Underneath the RichText component (kept for compatibility) uses the new RichTextExt.
  • shouldRefreshText isn't needed any more on sideEditProps which affect the style of (Rich)Texts.
  • New JSON format that, on average, reduces the transferred payload by 50%.

Breaking changes

  • On the Page returned by fetchPage or usePage, the translations array isn't an array of language strings anymore, but an array of objects with language and slug.


If you need to migrate from v2 to v3, please read Upgrade v2 > v3.